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Elsternwick Local History

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The Local History of Elsternwick, Victoria, Australia

Elsternwick is a suburb located in the southeastern part of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. This suburb has a rich local history that dates back to the early days of European settlement in Australia.

The Indigenous History

The land where Elsternwick is located was originally inhabited by the Boon Wurrung people, who were part of the Kulin nation. They called the area 'Moorabbin,' which means 'dark place'.

Europeans Arrive in the Area

The first Europeans to arrive in the area were the French explorers Nicolas Baudin and François Péron in 1802. However, it wasn't until the mid-1830s that the first British settlers started to arrive in the area. One of the earliest landowners was Charles Swanston, who established a sheep station in the area in 1836.

Development of Elsternwick

In 1840, the government of Victoria sold the land that is now Elsternwick to William Cooper, who named it after his estate in Elsternwick, England.

By the 1850s, Elsternwick had become a popular destination for holidaymakers, and it was known for its beautiful beaches and coastal scenery. The opening of the railway line in the 1860s made the suburb even more accessible, and it became a popular residential area for Melbourne's growing middle class.

Growth and Expansion

Elsternwick continued to expand and grow throughout the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Many of the grand Victorian and Edwardian homes that still stand in the suburb today were built during this time.

The Elsternwick town hall was built in 1890, and the first electricity supply was established in 1910. The area continued to develop as a popular shopping destination, and the establishment of the Elsternwick Golf Club in 1907 helped attract even more visitors to the suburb.

Modern Developments

Today, Elsternwick is a thriving and vibrant suburb that is home to around 10,000 people. It is known for its beautiful parks and gardens, excellent schools, and wide range of restaurants, cafes, and shops.

The suburb continues to grow and develop, with ongoing projects such as the Caulfield Village development promising to bring even more benefits to the local community.

History of in Elsternwick

Elsternwick has a rich and fascinating local history that is still evident in the buildings, streets, and landmarks of the suburb today. From its early days as a holiday destination to its current status as a thriving residential and commercial center, Elsternwick has played an important role in the history and development of Melbourne and Victoria.

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